His distinctive voice, sound and extravagant style all reflect his authentic personality.
CRIMER is a man of sincerely great feelings. Already at a tender age he fell in love with the glittering synthesizers of that time and – apart from his first musical experiences in the church choir or boy band escapades – never let go of them.
Long before he ever released his own songs, his reputation for being able to single-handedly breathe stunning life into his songs preceded him. This was noticed early on in his sweaty basement concerts, and it quickly became clear that this was not just a musical discovery, but a performer without equal, a style prophet and an extravagant singer.
The first single “”Brotherlove”” in 2017 proved with a bang that CRIMER can make the masses dance. In the beginning, when people hardly knew him, his performances usually ended in front of a stunned audience, but today you feel ecstasy. CRIMER’s debut album “”Leave Me Baby””, coupled with just this live energy, suddenly attracted the attention of legendary singers, such as Cher or Nena. Thus, none of them hesitated to hire the musician as a support act for their international tours, which, by the way, neither of them regretted.
These days CRIMER is as creative as ever. If anything he has become even more sophisticated, focused and confident. His music sweeps us onto the dance floor and makes us vibrate without restraint, while he creates these encapsulated realities where nothing is too much and every impulse becomes irresistible. Just before the release of his second album, CRIMER finally opens a new chapter and goes on a journey where we want to accompany him at all costs.
Pop musician CRIMER is not only loved for his 80’s drenched music and wild haircuts, but also for his quirky dance moves. He is daring, determined and a dazzling character.