Here we live for life

Here we live for life

No wonder one discovers so many castles and palaces in the Rhine Valley. Word probably got around very early on that our quality of life is second to none. Here, family, career and leisure time can be reconciled particularly well – including involvement in one of our more than 800 clubs. And the fulfillment of residential dreams is possible even without a fairy godmother.


of the most beautiful hiking trails you can find in our region.


castles, palaces and ruins can be admired in our region.


We like our education home-grown

It is no coincidence that the University of St.Gallen (HSG) was built so close to the Rhine Valley business location. Because anyone who places such a high value on quality and innovation as we do also invests heavily in school education. At all levels, public and private. Thanks to the International School Rheintal in Buchs, this is not only known in Switzerland. To the directory


No generation looks old here.

No matter whether the help is still needed or needed again: Those who enjoy living together as much as we Rheintalers do, are guaranteed not to need a package insert for care. And we have plenty of inspiring ideas. From daycare centers with a focus on nature and animals to retirement homes that extend the radius of their residents with rickshaws complete with chauffeur.

Social life

A united people of members.

Clubs and associations exist certainly about as long as the Rhine Valley. Because one without the other somehow hardly makes sense. After all, our sense of community is just as inexhaustible as the calendar of events for it. And if you can't find a club among the 800 or so that you'd like to spill your heart and soul for, you're guaranteed to find enthusiastic members for a new one.

We are different together.

Even if we basically all see ourselves as true Rheintalers, we have divided our homeland into well-proportioned communities. There, fortunately, many things are somewhat different than with the others. How Altstätter, for example, differ from Diepoldsauer apart from linguistic finesses, you can find out on this informative map. And in the beautiful gallery.

The Aaaah and Ooooh from A to B.

What luck that the Rhine Valley is so well connected. So you can commute comfortably between home and work and get from one highlight to the next without any complications. And if our well-timed timetable should ever come to a standstill: wonderful! This way, you get an extra portion of decelerated views of our home country every now and then.

Living instead of searching.

Our properties all have something in common: the beautiful Rhine Valley is right on our doorstep. And although there are no less than sixteen castles and palaces in the neighborhood, living dreams are absolutely realizable with us. And we promise to keep our word: You will find ruins here exclusively among the sights.