Nico's Rhine Valley

Our St.Gallen Rhine Valley is a great place with a lot to offer. From jobs in companies that are among the world leaders in innovation and technology, to fine, award-winning wines made from grapes that have been able to ripen in peace on an above-average number of sunny days and at high temperatures. And that is by no means all. Roll the tape!

In our mini-series “hoppid” (meaning “Hello” in the Rhine Valley dialect), Nico Arn enlightens you in his kitchen. He tells you what this unique place on the map is all about.

Episode 1 – Hightech

Who's good at screwing around? We'd rather not tell. When it comes to producing screws, though, we gladly take first place.

Episode 2 – Social

Hubi? Even the sporty expat from the big city feels at home with us.

Episode 3 – Pleasure

Ribel? Corn cult from our region, made for everyone. Delicious AF.

Episode 4 – Culture

Loosely based on Goethe: "What should act on hearts, must come from the heart."

Episode 5 - Family

Can you be prepared for a surprise? Man can.

Episode 6 – Free time

The work-life balance – one man's joy, another man's leisure.