So much to do
just 'round the corner.

So much to do
just 'round the corner.

In the Rhine Valley, we write discovery with a capital “D”. Here, tradition and modernity go hand in hand, from prank to punk. Here, museums of art and history provide the stuff of convivial evenings in bars, pubs and gourmet temples. And we didn’t even have to go out of our way for the main attraction: our nature, to which we pay homage with over 210 breathtaking hikes.


of the most beautiful hiking trails you can find in our region.


castles, palaces and ruins can be admired in our region.


Naturally "verreckt schöa" ("damn beautiful" in our Rhine Valley accent).

When it came to the distribution of rivers, lakes, fields, forests, mountains and valleys, Mother Earth meant it particularly well with the Rhine Valley. We actually only help our attractiveness a little here and there. For example, with the signposting of our countless hiking trails - to vantage points that still leave even us speechless. And we usually have a ready tongue, as you might have guessed.


Our valley is ready for the stage.

We Rheintalers cultivate not only Ribel maize fields, grapevines and club life. Countless museums of the most diverse orientations bear witness to our open spirit. And on the boards that mean the valley, tradition and trends are staged, sometimes loudly, sometimes quietly. The main thing is that everything is characterized by the same passion as our surrounding set design.


The way to the Rhine Valley's heart also goes through its stomach.

Here in the Rhine Valley, it's like any great love: those who can tickle palates win our hearts. It doesn't matter whether we are just washing down a portion of Ribel maize with a glass of local wine or being served pure inspiration in one of our Guild, Gault Millau or Culinarium restaurants. The main thing is that we get to show you that sometimes, too many cooks get the broth just right. learn more


Not only world-famous in our country.

The Rhine Valley seems to be an extremely fertile spot. Not only our agricultural products testify to this, but also people who feel extremely inspired by their homeland. A few handfuls even achieve such extraordinary things in their lives that they are able to shine far beyond our region. The most unique ambassadors far and wide.

Beavers in the house!

The fact that the Rhine Valley has surprisingly much to offer has also been checked out by the beavers, which are being sighted more and more frequently. However, the beautiful river landscape is not always enough to lure all the other inhabitants out of their four walls and clubhouses. That’s why we regularly hold one or the other cheerful event under their noses. For example, with our constantly updated event schedule.

Our 120 strongest pages.

When you successfully try to put the diversity of our region on paper, the result is the “Rheintal Guide”. A brochure including a map and a web portal, which makes as many leisure and business offers as possible palatable to the population and visitors. It can be found free of charge in companies, community centers, train stations, hotels, restaurants and in many other places where our spirit can be found.