Together we look
even better.

Actually, one would have to assume that a region as incredibly great as ours doesn’t need professional location marketing. But then, for example, this informative website would never have gone online. That’s why we, being Rhine Valley residents through and through, partnered with twelve member communities and committed entrepreneurs to create the “Verein St.Galler Rheintal”. With services that even go beyond the attractive positioning of our economic and living space.

We are gladly here
for you

Sabina Saggioro
Geschäftsleiterin, Betriebsökonomin FH
Corinna Arnold
Administration, Marketingfachfrau mit eidg. Fachausweis
Andreas Mathieu
Projektleiter, Dipl. Umweltnatw. ETH/SIA
Elio Pescatore
Projektleiter, Raumplaner FSU, cand. Dipl. Ing. Raumplanung TU Wien, BSc FHO Raumplanung
Ursula Stadlmüller Mattle
Integrationsbeauftragte, lic. phil. I
Chantale Beusch
Integrationsbeauftragte, lic. phil.hist
Rahel Klüppel
Mitarbeiterin in Ausbildung Fachstelle Integration


Verein St.Galler Rheintal
ri.nova Impulszentrum
Alte Landstrasse 106
9445 Rebstein