In their fields, Fäaschtbänkler play the biggest festivals in Germany, Austria and Switzerland: Taubertal Festival (DE), Nova Rock (AT), headlining at Woodstock der Blasmusik (AT), Open Air Gampel (CH), Flumserberg (CH), headlining at Brasswiesn (DE), and many more.
In the last years, their last albums entered the charts of all of these countries. They are gifted musicians, cool hit writers and atmospheric entertainers. At the same time, they are the down-to-earth, likeable guys from next door.

Well-known across the genres, they play an incomparable pop sound with their unusually folk music-like instrumentation, which they have created and successfully implemented in their own studio and on hundreds of live stages.

They are just as popular on TV in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as they are on the radio. Some of their titles have been playing on the air for over a year.

These are earworms that you want to hear again and again, with lyrics that trigger feelings and that you sing along to again and again.
The Fäaschtbänkler have already been guests on the following TV shows:
The Fäaschtbänkler song “”Wenn du wie”” was the trailer song in Austria on beloved TV series “”Bauer sucht Frau”” in 2019.
With album no. 7, the Fäaschtbänkler made a promise: “wir sehn uns wieder” (“We’ll meet again”).
That album was released on 17.07.2020.
The Fäaschtbänkler have found their mix of success with a rousing variety of titles, from pop with house and dub sound to Schlager, all in the unmistakable Fäaschtbänkler sound. Their lyrics always contain a wink and a positive attitude towards life, so that when you listen to them you are regularly infected by the life balance, the groove and the musicality of the group. The success of this fantastic band is more than justified and that’s why everyone is happy when the Fäaschtbänkler promise: “we’ll meet again”!