MUMMENSCHANZ was founded in Paris in 1972 and has become the epitome of contemporary mask theater worldwide, cross-culturally and linguistically independent.
Without any words spoken, purely visual and completely without music and stage design, only with masks and bodies in front of a black background, the artists perform.
After the death of creative co-founder Andres Bossard (1992) and the departure of Bernie Schürch (2012), co-founder Floriana Frassetto is now the artistic motor of the formation.
In almost 50 years, various full-length programs were created, more and more mask as well as playing techniques were created, and the repertoire expanded to more than 100 routines, with which MUMMENSCHANZ still do guest appearances on all continents and continue to be one of the most popular theatrical attractions worldwide.
The MUMMENSCHANZ Foundation is located in Altstätten, in the St. Gallen Rhine Valley. The studio, rehearsal stage, archives, offices and Floriana Frassetto’s home are located in Altstätten. In 2022 MUMMENSCHANZ can celebrate their 50th anniversary with a new program and a big tour.